The Board has adopted the key watercourses within its drainage districts and carries out maintenance activities to them. The Board recognises that within its drainage districts they have to make a balance between land drainage and biodiversity. Ensuring the Boards maintenance activities aid in flood risk management while promoting and encouraging biodiversity.

The Board undertakes a number of routine maintenance operations periodically. Principle operations include:

  • Weed cutting
  • De-silting
  • Tree coppicing
  • Mowing and control of bankside vegetation
  • Blockage removal
  • Culvert/land drain jetting and cleansing
  • Pumping

Our Works Program for 2024 can be seen below:


Much of the work carried out is planned and the Board will notify landowners of their intention to enter their land to carry out such works. But there is also the emergency works that will take priority in times of flood.

The Board has its own workforce and machinery but does use contractors to help complete the annual programme of works and to undertake specialist projects.

To see if you are within one of the districts or if a watercourse has been adopted by the IDB click here

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