Members and Minutes

Board Members


Mr D H Goff, Chairman of the Board
Electoral District No.2

Mr C Hosmer
Electoral District No.1

Mr W Thompson
Electoral District No.

Mr S P Highwood
Electoral District No.2

Mr C B Wheeler
Electoral District No.5

Ms L Young
Electoral District No.7

Electoral District No.3

Electoral District No.4

Electoral District No.6


Mr Howard Rogers, Vice-Chairman
Tonbridge & Malling Rep

Mr O Baldock
Tonbridge & Malling Rep

Cllr D King
Tonbridge & Malling Rep

Mr M Davis
Tonbridge & Malling Rep

Cllr P Harper
Maidstone B C Rep

Cllr J Perry
Maidstone B C Rep

Cllr C Farr
Tandridge Council Rep

Cllr S Wakeman
Tunbridge Wells B C Rep

Cllr Baker
Sevenoaks District Council Rep

Cllr Millward
Wealden D C Rep

2024 Meeting Calendar

Board Levy Meeting – Virtual
Tuesday 23 January, 10am

Finance EOY Committee – In person
Tuesday 28 May,10am

Board AGAR Meeting – In person
Tuesday 18 June Board, 10am

Board Budget Review Meeting – In person
Tuesday 12 November, 10am

Finance Estimates Committee – In person
Tuesday 10 December, 10am