The Board has adopted the key watercourses within its drainage districts and carries out maintenance activities to them. The Board recognises that within its drainage districts they have to make a balance between land drainage and biodiversity. Ensuring the Boards maintenance activities aid in flood risk management while promoting and encouraging biodiversity.

These watercourses are considered critical to the overall drainage network within each district. They are however managed under what is known as permissive powers. This means that some watercourses may not always receive as much maintenance as others.

Watercourses not adopted by the Board, but still within the district are still subject to the Boards byelaws. However, these watercourses are required to be maintained by the land owner, or as is more commonly used, the riparian owner. For more information on riparian ownership please click here.

To find out if your watercourse is adopted by the IDB or is considered main river by the Environment Agency see the interactive map below. Please note that some watercourses highlighted may be main river. If you are unsure please email enquiries@medwayidb.co.uk for more information.

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