LDA 1991 Section 20

Working on Riparian Watercourse

Under Section 20 of the Land Drainage Act 1991, the Board is able to conduct watercourse maintenance and surface water drainage related activities on riparian watercourses on behalf of the responsible party. The Board then recovers the costs of this (including the management costs) as per the agreement with said party.

In short, this means that if you have a watercourse that needs work to improve the condition to create flow (under riparian law responsibility), or to offer improvement to the overall drainage network (read: natural flood management, woody debris installation, pond desilting/digging, or anything similar that relates to surface water management), then we may be able to help you with this.

To receive a quote please give us a call on 01622 934500 or email jordan@medwayidb.co.uk .

Examples of work we can offer:

  • Pioneering and watercourse clearance
  • Weed cutting
  • Tree, bank, and hedge management (flail mowing)
  • Ditch creation and reinstatement
  • Pond dredging and clearance
  • Invasive species removal and treatment
  • Flood water pumping
  • Culvert inspection and cleansing
  • Natural Flood Management delivery (scrapes, woody debris, leaky dams etc.)
  • Hedge and tree planting (including laying)

We are also keen to be involved in voluntary work with local authority partners where there is a need to ensure the delivery of projects relating to surface water management and drainage. Examples of this might be tree planting, community litter picking, and group invasive species walks. For details or to discuss projects call Jordan on 01622 934500 or email jordan@medwayidb.co.uk

Example Works

Ditch Reinstatement – Benenden School, Benenden

Woody Debris Installation – Water Lane, Headcorn

Ditch and hedge maintenance – Catts Place, Paddock Wood

Online Pond Clearance – Boughton Monchelsea