Sustainable development is key to the long term goals of the IDB to provide continued maintenance and flood management to its stakeholders. The Upper and Lower IDBs have adopted strategic planning and development policies to further aid them in providing services into the future. These documents can be found below and outline the Boards approach to development both within the catchment and in the higher lands that feed the district.

The Board works in partnership with the Water Level Management Alliance to provide a thorough and professional service relating to sustainable development. All decisions relating to consent and charges are however made by the respective Board. Should you wish to discuss your application then please email

Fees and Charges are now an integral element of both IDBs sustainable development strategy and the charging policy can also be found below. If you are a developer or a land owner seeking consent from either Board for works relating to surface water discharge or works involving land drainage channels in the district you should read and understand these policies before applying for consent.

To make an application for consent click here.