How often are Elections held?

Elections for membership of the Board are held every 3 years, so if you’re not happy with our performance you have the opportunity to do something about it; either by exercising your vote as a drainage ratepayer or standing for election yourself.

Are there any other opportunities to be elected?

Occasionally a casual vacancy may arise when an elected member resigns or otherwise vacates their office. When this happens the Board will elect a member to fill the vacancy.

When is the next Election?

The next election of members will take place in 2024. If we receive more valid nominations than there are places for any electoral division, a poll for the election in those divisions will take place. The exact dates for polling and the election will be published on our Public Notices page in early 2024.

How many places are there and where are they?

The Board consists of 9 directly elected members and 5 electoral districts in the Lower Medway IDB area and  7 electoral districts in the Upper Medway IDB area. Please refer to the list of parishes in each electoral district –

Who is my existing representative?

Please visit our Board Members page to identify your existing directly elected representative(s) for each electoral division. The last election was not contested in any electoral division.

How do I stand for election or nominate someone?

To stand for election in a division you will either be a Drainage Ratepayer in that division, or you will be nominated by a landowner who pays Drainage Rates in that electoral division. Full details regarding qualification for membership and nominating candidates are included with the . Please note that your nomination paper must be validly completed and returned to us by the published deadline. This date will be published on our Public Notices page.

Who gets to vote, should a poll be required?

If the number of candidates exceeds the number of places available in any electoral division a poll will be held for those divisions. You will be entitled to vote in every electoral division that you’re liable to pay Drainage Rates in, providing you’ve actually paid your Drainage Rates as demanded and your entitlement is shown in the Register of Electors. This public register will be available for inspection at our offices in an election year from April onwards. Notice of this will be given on our Public Notices page and you will also have the opportunity to request that any errors or omissions in the Register are corrected before the Election. You will be sent a Voting Paper at least 7 days before the poll, which you’ll need to complete and return to our offices before the poll takes place.

When do we know who’s been elected?

If a poll is required, the count will take place at our offices; for those electoral divisions being contested on the election date and will be observed by an independent solicitor. Candidates and members of the public are also welcome to observe the count, subject to the usual security checks. The results will then be published on our Public Notices page. Where the election of members is not contested a ‘no poll declaration’ will also be published on our Public Notices page, shortly after the deadline for receiving nomination papers.
The declaration will list the elected members who’ve been returned unopposed. Please note that the Board will not publish election notices in the local press, following receipt of; the Ministerial Direction on publishing election notices on 27 April 2016.

What happens if there are no nominations?

If we do not receive at least the same number of valid nominations as there are places for an electoral division, the retiring members for the division will be reappointed. If a retiring member is unable to be reappointed for any reason whatsoever the Board will fill the vacancy at the earliest opportunity.

How do I get more Information?

If you would like more information about the election process please contact the Returning Officer or send us an email to enquiries@medwayidb.co.uk.