The Upper Medway IDB is a regulatory authority and therefore consent will be required for certain activities.

The Upper Medway IDB has created Byelaws which help secure the efficient working of the drainage system within their Districts. These Byelaws set out what you can and can’t do adjacent to IDB adopted watercourses within the drainage district without the Board permission.

Click here more information on the Boards’ byelaws

Secondly under Section 23 of the Land Drainage Act 1991 consent may also be required for works on ordinary watercourses, still within the drainage district, for things like erection of structures, obstructions, culverts or where the flow is affected.

If at all in doubt please contact the Upper Board offices on 01622 934500 or email

The Lower Board is no longer administered by the Upper Medway IDB so consents applications can be sought from their website