The Medway IDB is uniquely equipped to make a vital contribution to the conservation and biodiversity within the Medway catchment, whether its on the River Medway, Teise, Beult or Eden. It is with this in mind that the Board has set out conservation as a priority objective against which it can be assessed each year.

Appropriate water level management maximises the opportunity for important species of plants and animals to thrive. This attitude is a shift away from the traditional practice of “drainage above all else”, which often left the ecological side of the company wanting. Now there is a recognition to create habitat and actively encourage a far more healthy and vibrant ecology within the district.

Wit this in mind, ADA (in collaboration with Natural England) produced The Drainage Channel Biodiversity Manual to which many of the Boards methods for maintaining streams and rivers are listed. It made calls for Boards to produce Biodiversity Action Plans so that they could ensure conservation and drainage were not at odds with each other and working instead towards a blend that catered for both.

District Enhancement Study

The Board is striving for an improved balance between water management, conservation, and practical works. In order to compliment this approach a study of its watercourses was commissioned in 2021, utilising local ecology specialist, Carol Donaldson.

The study commenced in 2022, highlighting a range of suggestions for enhancement, conservational improvement, and works restriction to better the diverse ecosystem that the Board is charged with managing.

Together with the works team at the Board we are embarking on a new era for the Upper Medway IDB, which looks at all aspects of the work we carry out and prioritises conservational enhancement like never before.

Below is an interactive map of the study so far, and should you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us via email on

If you are a landowner looking to action any of these suggestions you are more than welcome to discuss this with us too so please get in touch, we look forward to working with you.

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